Deer Hunting

$350 / day

(includes lodging)


Cuffawa Creek offers an abundance of white-tailed deer opportunities – from monster bucks to does –  throughout the season. We have been managing this land for decades and offer premium access and comfort to create an enjoyable deer hunting experience.

The property is a maze of hardwood and pine stands stretched along the edges of large, rolling agricultural fields and split by multiple creek beds. Each hunting area is designed for optimum viewing and shooting lanes. 

5′ x 5′ hunts 2 comfortably. Insulated and heated.

The property and the blinds are set up for family, youth, and handicap accessible hunting as well, and we relish in the thought of
getting new, or young hunter on a first successful hunt.

Transportation to and from the blind will be provided and each blind will have a heater, snacks, and a box lunch if an all-day sit is

We will welcome any legal form of deer hunting including rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, bow, and crossbow.

We don’t have any “property” antler restrictions, but all hunters must obey Mississippi State Regulations.

If you have questions about planning your experience, or would like to discuss an upcoming trip, please contact us.